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Warning: Domain Registrar Corp Scam

I wanted to write this as a warning to others to read their domain renewal carefully. I received this recently this particular notice in the my email. is not my domain registrar and now will never be. I would advise you to stay away from them as well. This particular domain of mine is not due to renew until May 2021, but that is not stopping these guys from trying to trick me into transferring the domain to their site. The domain registrar corp scam is pretty common

Ironically, their price is twice what I am paying with my current registrar. This is an old domain — my original domain — but it does make the argument for private registration. The scammers are using the public WHOIS data provided by ICANN to get contact information about domains. I think this company searches for domains records with visible contact records. Then, they pretend like they are your registrar and tell you that your domain is due to expire soon and that you will lose it if you don’t act immediately. This was actually the second of 2 emails that I received from them. Fortunately, I recognized that this was not my domain registrar, and was easily able to avoid any further issues. But, it is annoying. For other domain owners, they could find themselves getting ripped off by this scam or worse find that their domain doesn’t work anymore.

So the moral of this lesson is: Read you domain renewal emails carefully AND get private registration when buying or renew your domain. You can search and register domain at our site at the following link: Register a Domain

Below is one of the two emails I received from the same company.

Beware of Domain Registrar Corp Scam emails.

If you have any doubts about your domain renewal, contact the domain registrar where you bought your domain. They can clarify when you domain is due to renew and add privacy options to your registration. If you want more information about this particular scam, search google for “domain registrar corp scam

EDIT 2023-02-28 – received an actual letter from this same company. While they quietly note that they are not my registrar, the letter mostly looks like an invoice. If you don’t read it carefully, you may be inclined to think they are your registrar. Nowhere in the document does it say WHY I should use them as a registrar. Mostly, I think they hope people just jot down their credit card to inadvertently start the domain transfer process. Comparing pricing, I can see that Advantage hosting domain prices are a significantly less that the prices Domain registry is offering. Trust is an important aspect of this business. Domain Registry is not helping.