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Web Designer and Developer Friendly Hosting

Are you a designer or developer looking to build your business?  We get you!

We know how important it is to meet and exceed the expectations of your clients. Where you host your client’s web-sites is very important.  You need fast, reliable, and secure server space for your clients.  We want to earn your trust and work with you to grow your business.

Protection, Security, Performance, and Reliability for your Clients

Part of earning your trust is ensuring that your clients are on a safe hosting environment.  All of our hosting accounts and servers are built on a modern, fast, and secure server architectures.

Our servers are protected from distributed denial of services (DDOS) attacks.   In the event that your website or IP is the target of a DDOS attacks, the excessive traffic is funnelled away from your site so that you and other clients on the server are not impacted. This protection happens automatically.

Our shared hosting environments and managed VPS are protected by:

  • firewall,
  • anti-virus software,
  • anti-malware software,
  • anti-intrusion software,
  • and advanced hosting software.

Our servers are updated regularly with the latest versions of the software.    You can be assured that your client’s websites are protected from harm or ill intent.

Hosting Solutions for Designer and Developers

For developers and designers, choosing the right hosting solution really depends on your skills and knowledge about servers and hosting solutions.  If you have very little knowledge, start with our managed products like our website hostingmanaged wordpress hosting, or reseller  hosting packages.  You will have a dedicated login for each site that allows you and/or your client to access the many cool features of your cPanel account.  A cPanel accounts lets you create and manage email accounts, domains, files, SSL certificates, software, and much more.

If, on the other hand, you feel you want more control over the hosting environment, we recommend that you look into our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or Dedicated Servers.

With virtual private servers, you have full control over your virtual server including SSH access to your server.  We build the server for you based on the operating system, hosting panel, and the server specs, and addon features that you choose.

With dedicated servers, you have ultimate processing power and storage options for robust applications, and/or many client sites. As with VPS servers, we will build your dedicated server based on the server configuration, hosting panels, and server specs you choose.



These days, it is difficult to be an expert in all the different areas related to building and maintaining websites.  We get it!   We have over 2 decades of experience with hosting, website building, and web-site optimization and we still count on our experts for some things.

Advantage Hosting wants to help you grow your business.  If you need help, we offer consulting services.  We can provide help with web design, development, sitespeed analysis, SEO analysis, and product management challenges.  If we can’t help you, we will help you find a technical or creative resource to help you.